Introduction to ALK

Congratulations on purchasing ALK. With ALK, and a little bit of ingenuity, you will be able to create stunning live shows and dexterous musical transitions.

ALK is a sequenced looper. Unlike a traditional looper, where the signals to record or play a loop are triggered via a pedal, in ALK you can structure loops on a timeline – before you play your gig. Then, when it’s time to perform the song in front of an audience, ALK takes care of triggering the appropriate actions depending on where you are in the song.

ALK is a VST and AudioUnit audio host, which means you can use any of your plugins during recording in your show, However, you’ll need to watch out for plugin latencies when creating your effects chains.

Unlike traditional loopers, ALK is capable of looping MIDI signals, and comes with two useful built in MIDI effects: quantize and note repeat.

ALK has unique and powerful mixing capabilities. Unlike other sequencers, ALK has no need for mixer or effects return track types. This is because in ALK, any track (audio or MIDI) is able to mix any number of inputs, and feed into any number of outputs. Symmetric routing technology makes it incredibly fast and efficient to create submixes or effect sends. ALK takes a slightly unconventional approach to automation. Philosophically, we believe that operating a rotary encoder on stage is itself a kind of performance. To reflect this, we’ve elevated automation to its own track, decoupled from the track(s) and plugins that modulate it. This allows a single hardware encoder or fader to control different destinations at different times, simply by drawing regions and assigning the input to the desired VST parameter within that region. Of course, it’s still possible to draw automation using curves, and ALK supports trackpad gestures to minimize the number of clicks and mouse drags needed to perform common curve manipulations.

Although ALK’s unique look and feel and its innovative sequenced looping system are relevant and powerful features, the real meaning of ALK is what you can do with it: for the first time, you can realistically perform complex arrangements in a live setting. We hope you enjoy using ALK as much as we enjoyed designing and coding it.