zenAud.io makes ALK, the software looper that knows your arrangement. We’re a small company with big ideas, based at NoizeFabrik in Europe’s creative capital: Berlin. And we’re not just programmers and designers, but musicians ourselves who like playing guitars as much as using computers and synths.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give live musicians the tools to compete sonically with electronic acts. Our flagship product, zenAud.io ALK, is designed meticulously to relieve the performer of all unnecessary burdens, freeing them to concentrate on what they do best: perform.

Who We Are

Martin Percossi has been making music and playing in bands since the age of 12. He lives in Berlin with his soon-to-be-wife and two kids. Before founding zenAud.io, Martin obtained a Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science from Imperial College, London, and worked as a quantitive analyst in the financial industry. He speaks four languages fluently.

You can check out Martin's music on soundcloud.

Francisco Gonçalves Silva, born in Lisbon, Portugal, exchanged the Iberian warmth for more exciting endeavors in Central Europe. Now based in Berlin, he's currently in charge of Marketing and Media at zenAud.io, having previously worked in biotech media and event production. Kitsch-obsessed, a culture nerd and music preacher, he’s also a music journalist for The 405, a U.K.-based music and culture magazine.

Check out his music reviews here.

Contact Us

zenAud.io GmbH

Address: Elsenstraße 52, 12059 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)157 502 88 502
E-Mail: team@zenAud.io
Management: Martin Percossi
VAT ID: DE294403817